How Hipsters ruined being over fifty, and what you can do to reclaim your eccentricity…

How Hipsters ruined being over fifty

I won’t claim to understand hipsters, I’m too tired to make sense of their irony-with-an-irony approach. What I will tell you is, I feel a little bit cheated by how hipsters ruined being over fifty. Think back, you remember it –you were just a kid, and you had an uncle or neighbor with the unusual mustache and the odd combination of clothing that completely lacked “modern” fashion sense. Something set him apart  — and he seemed pretty darn happy. He had a certain air of “yeah I’ve a lived a little, and I’m going to do what I want, I’ve earned it…”. He didn’t particularly care what you, or anyone else thought about his appearance, he kind of just enjoyed doing what he wanted to.  I always sort of looked forward to that day. It’s not so much about giving up, as not giving a darn what anyone thinks.

as opposed to a way that says you spent twenty minutes staging an Instagram post trying to look disenfranchised

The Great Heist

Then, alongs strolls the hipster, and slowly they steal each potential eccentricity from our tool box. They didn’t earn them, they just took them, and in a way that both mocks us and draws attention to themselves. They stole a lot of the pleasure that comes from getting to be a little eccentric in our midlife years. Now, I’m not saying this was an intentional slight against the middle aged man, merely a byproduct of their need to be different and make their own statement. But none the less, for me, it puts an impending damper on middle age. Awful facial hair? Check. Flannel shirts? Check. Suspenders? Check. Cardigans? Check. Oddly lapeled sports coats? Check. Hats for actual grown men? Check. Unusual out of date fashion? Check. What do we have left, men? Dad jeans? No thanks.

The most frustrating thing about it, is if you choose to pursue these things, you may wind up being accused of being a hipster or trying to look young. How very infuriating.

So, what can we do?

Here’s what I say: Do it anyway. But do it with unmistakable abandon and class that says you take yourself seriously — as opposed to a way that says you spent twenty minutes staging an Instagram post trying to look disenfranchised.  Take from the boys what rightfully belongs to the men. Make your own style and be 100% comfortable being yourself.  Revel in the moments of being as you want to be. Haven’t you earned it?

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